What is an Infrastructure Liaison Officer (ILO)?

An Infrastructure Liaison Officer (TLO) is a private sector stakeholder, most typically employed at a critical infrastructure facility or venue, that is responsible for maintaining an awareness of threats to critical infrastructure, such as terrorism, espionage, cyber attacks, and natural disasters. ILOs are frequently responsible for security or emergency management at their respective facilities. The ILO may serve as the primary contact with the regional fusion center, which is the point of coordination and training for ILOs within their areas of responsibility. They pursue training and share information regarding threats and other criminal and terrorist trends with other facility stakeholders.

ILOs develop and maintain contact with other ILOs and Terrorism Liaison Officers (TLOs), including local law enforcement, fire, and other public safety officials, to help protect their company, regional critical infrastructure, and their community.

To learn more about opportunities to become an ILO, contact your region’s fusion center.